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Outdoor Classroom

Centennial PTA is Making phenomenal progress on creating an Outdoor Classroom & Learning Garden! A small committee of parents, staff and community members have worked together to create a plan to redevelop this area to benefit our students and the immediate community. 
Outdoor Classroom

Thank You to All of Our Supporters

We wouldn't be where we are without the financial support of Centennial families and local business partnerships! We appreciate the tremendous amount of time and effort the volunteer committee members and Centennial staff have dedicated to this project along with the support of the Thompson School District project management and maintenance team.  We extend a HUGE Thank You to the following:
  • Steve Wimp with Thunderpup Construction for his direction and donation of time and services.
  • Cara Scohy with CS Design, Inc. for her donation of hundreds of dollars in landscape design fees, time and presentation materials.
  • Robin Phillips with The Philips Group, Inc. for his irrigation design and discounted services.
  • Quality Engineering, LLC for their donation of hundreds of dollars in grading design for the site.
  • Kim Akeley-Charron with Thompson Education Foundation for her assistance and guidance with fundraising and publicizing.
  • Stacee Kersley with Formation for her financial contribution and considerable donation of her time and dedication to this project.
  • David and Mary Gulikson for their generous financial contribution.

How Can You Help?

Families, small groups, business partners and community members will have the opportunity to contribute by donating funds for specific plants, shrubs, trees, descriptive plaques, zones or elements of the design in their name. More information will be provided as these options become available.  In the mean time, donations can be made directly to the project by contacting the Centennial PTA.

What is the Purpose?


The project area, located just west of the school and parking lot, is a required retention pond that was created along with the addition onto our school in 2006. Due to budget cuts, the inability to germinate grass seed without the support of irrigation and subsequent runoff, this area is a barren landscape and becomes a weedy, messy mud-pit after rain or snowfall. This area inevitably catches trash, bugs and the occasional flock of ducks.  Our goal is to transform this eyesore into a curriculum-based outdoor classroom and educational "garden" full of native plants, grasses, trees and pathways. When finished, the Outdoor Classroom will support plant, vegetable and local fruit lifecycles. These zones will encourage butterfly, insect and other small animal habitats, along with growing native plants indigenous to the Front Range. 

water conservation

The design will utilize water conservation efforts through xeriscaping methods and strategic irrigation in order to minimize water needs. The new pathways will allow for a safer and fully accessible route to school by providing additional walking options away from the main street and vehicle traffic. 

stone path

 There will also be an outdoor seating area with low rock benches arranged amphitheater-style. This will provide additional space for teachers to encourage student connection to nature and wellness in a relaxing environment.