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Parent Teacher Association

PTA Advocacy for Centennial Elementary

Want to help make a difference at Centennial Elementary ??  Join the PTA!!   WHAT ON EARTH IS PTA? PTA is a bunch of moms, dads, family members, teachers, and staff who just want to help our school.  We all have unique skills, ideas, energy levels, and discretionary time, and we work together to make good things happen throughout the year.  Really, we just want our kids to excel and to know success, we want to keep our school heading in the right direction, we want our teachers and staff to feel appreciated, we want to bridge the gap between the school’s needs and the school’s budget, and we want to be a part of it.   Meetings are held once a month.

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 Help Centennial earn money for the school! There are lots of ways you can help raise money for Centennial Elementary without spending extra money. Check out our fundraiser page to learn how you can help. 


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